Friday, November 11, 2011

INTRODUCTION: Highs and Lows and Hellos from Joes

I really wish I made more of the physical copies of my book, (I actually still could go over and print some more, but I don't feel like doing that)  Most of my close and dearest friends who asked me for a book did not receive one and this is just so much better (cheaper) then sending packages all over.  Below you will find all 20 or so pages of my book minus the afterword I wrote in the physical book.  I hope you enjoy yourself, and I hope your life has many ups, although existence is suffering by the way.  So don't expect many ups.

your Buddy/Pal,


PS: Click on the drawings, to increase the size ;)

Sleep (page 1)

Owls are Annoying

-Who? (never gets old)

Monkey (Ape)

Call Back

Eddie Murphy